SOULNOW (Save Our Universal Language NOW) a nonprofit that documents cultures affected by climate change in order to help preserve their musical heritage.



SOULNOW (Save Our Universal Language NOW) is a nonprofit organization that documents cultures affected by climate change in order to help preserve their musical heritage.

By documenting a culture, its music and its challenges, SOULNOW starts making unique and important connections within communities. Working from a musical center, we bring people together to create positive change, from improving local economies to accessing technologies that will sustain the environment.


Many parts of the World are in peril due to a multitude of challenges, from conflict and war to desertification and deforestation.

At SOULNOW, we believe that music is the foundation of a World culture, guiding our souls to a place of peace and unity for the good of all.

SOULNOW opens doors to discover the people of a various cultures and share their stories. Through our crowdsourcing website, outreach programs, music and film, we bring communities to the rest of the world and allow people to care.

By showcasing stories through these mediums we also provide a vehicle for raising the funds needed to begin working in communities with local leaders. From a music foundation or center, SOULNOW will support the best programs and initiatives to promote a stable, positive environment and allow a community’s culture and universal language (music) to thrive.

It is through this work that we hope to make long-term positive impact in particular communities and preserve their musical heritage for future generations.

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